empowering lifelong readers

Office of Literacy

The Clay County District Schools’ Literacy Department is committed to supporting pre-K-12 literacy. The literacy department works closely with all stakeholders to prepare students for college and career literacy readiness. Our goal is to develop and empower 21st-century lifelong readers and learners. 

Office of Mathematics

The math team is dedicated to empowering educators through authentic collaboration and learning experiences to maximize student growth and achievement. 

Office of Science

The science team is committed to working with teachers to foster science scholars who have a passion for science, who champion scientific literacy, and who pursue science learning beyond the classroom. 

Office of Social Studies

The Social Studies team is dedicated to collaborating with all stakeholders to foster civic-mindedness and positive citizenship within the students of Clay County. 

Office of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts are an essential part of the K-12 academic curriculum and a critical component of every child's education. The Fine Arts are academic subjects that also promote social and emotional development and civic engagement. The arts serve as a creative outlet that connects students to a larger world.

District Fine Arts Website